Designer Garage Doors

Designer garage doors in Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford, Crewe, Congleton and Sandbach.

Our designer doors are ideal for modern homes and new builds, with the characteristics of these doors they add both style and class to your home exterior. They offer minimalistic designs with a clean, smooth finish that makes the doors very low maintenance and excellent value for money.

Behind the beauty, your door has incorporated the latest technology to make your garage door functional, practical and secure, as well as being excellent insulation and a great energy saver. The superb construction of our elegant designer garage door makes them very resistant to harsh weather conditions, rot, chipped/peeling paint and they do not warp with temperature changes.

With the stainless-steel elements on a designer garage door and manufactured from high grade steel they also feature a fine brushed finish. Because every home is unique, we have a selection of fantastic finishing touches, to make your garage door simply stunning.

Canopy Garage Door

Designer Garage Door Colours

Retractable Garage Door

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